Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Bangles And Rahul

Rahul is 9 years old and is one of the 300+ rescued children from the bangle manufacturing unit in Hyderabad. He and his friends were holed up in a rescue home without any play time. He was given three meals a day, a pair of clothes, a plastic water bottle, 100ml coconut oil and a disposable face mask in a backpack. There was no adult member present in the room where he spent more than 7 days. He was hanging on the grill door looking longingly at a playground that was visible from the place where he was kept along with his friends, when I asked him if he wanted to draw something and handed him a piece of paper.

This is what Rahul drew, which stood out from the rest of the 45 pieces of drawings by the rest of the children. There is nothing much to add, as Rahul’s artistic expression speaks volumes about his state of mind.


In case if you are wondering what his drawing is, please watch the video below. Though this video is not shot in Hyderabad, but it gives you a good idea how bangles are made. Rahul put his thoughts on paper quite well.

I guess this reason is compelling enough for you to Boycott Bangles From Hyderabad 


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