Friday, 13 February 2015

Emotions Via Emoticons

What i think of great inventions of all time can't be tv or the blender but what made my mind blended is pretty emoticons. The greatest invention of all times and if ever and ever dooms day came and after then the earth civilised with emotions the then human will find by archeology that there had been a yellow faced fellow that has all the undiscovered emotions ever had and it posed smile during the ISIS was killing Mohammed Sab, what a courage.
    These emoticons mould long pedantic verse into a less space occupying and less time taking fellow having eyes, mouth and sometimes red cheeks.
     But on a very fine day expecting two words of consolement During my monotonous spans from my close friend, i got two yellow faced fellows from him but it was not a monologue of astonishment as who has time for anyone as it is much costly than relationships. Thus i have a complaint to the the mother of these yellow fellows, really you taken away the voice of millions.
    Now a days, many of us have expensive gadgets loaded with thousands of free renter emoticons but made our relationships cheaper and made ourselves dumb.
        But these emoticons do more in adversities. It shows someone beloved that their beloved is smiling be it virtually but it is.
with love-
emotions via emoticons

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