Wednesday, 11 February 2015

It takes…

The breath was taken from my lungs
As I watched with a horror of delight
The creature of my own making
Stood barely within the light.
Its stance was rigid as I can see
The flesh dark, long, and strong
My eyes moved over his darkness
He vibrated with a defining hum.
A world where others in my place
Are unworthy but how they long
But I did it I made it happen
And it doesn’t seem so wrong.
Skin so dark it’s blue and solid as the stone
The eyes they stared right through
As he spoke in a heavy moan
“I am here from out the ether’s”
He said in a powerful but painful tone
“For what is it have I to come?”
I stared at his glorious splendor
My hairs all standing in fright
And yet my passion too was wanting
Within my circle of undaunted light.
I stood up straight and now more strong
“You are mine to command!” I yell
Staring into his dim lit face
“Do as I say damned creature from hell!”
Then I see the smudge
Will this destroy my show
A very tiny opening
Where the circle no longer flows.
He looks down at me with a single grin
And the room is filled of many Jinn
Turning my glory to a deepening terror.
I strike my sword in his direction
“I command!” I say out loud
But the creature is gone from sight
No longer where he did stand
Then over my tiny shoulders
I feel his murky hands.
They never found my body
Only drawings upon the floor
And all my magic powers
Threwn across the moor.
My advice to those who practice
Stay well within your own
Let not the power absorb you
Lest into the depths you are thrown.
And one more thing if I may add
The ether’s are a powerful door
When making your magic circle
Not chalk but paint on the floor.

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