Sunday, 15 February 2015

Let Yourself Choose

Choices. Choices. So many choices.

No one can force you to do things you do not wish to. No one can force you to be someone who is not you.

No one has the right to manipulate your choice, decide what is good for you, nor interfere your life. Others can encourage, provide information, motivate and support us, but cannot take over our freedom to choose.

We are easily influenced by others’ opinion. We get moved around by what others say, what others want u to do…….

But in the end, we are the one who decides what is good for us. It is our choice. We are free to choose whatever we wish. We have the total control over the choices we make.  And also we are responsible for the choices we make.

Freedom comes with Responsibility. It is our choice and we own it. We cannot blame others for the choice we made. Accept it and use it wisely. That’s the total control and total freedom.

At the same time, give others some space for them to make their choices.

It is not our place to interfere and control their decisions. Give them their freedom to choose. And respect the choices they make. Accept it and respect it.

We all make choices all the time. It is up to each of us to choose and create the life we wish to live.

This free-will is here for the reason. Please use it wisely and respect the others to do the same.


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