Wednesday, 4 February 2015


She was too blind to see what the people around her were turning her into,
Blinded by the opinion of others;
obscured from the whispers of those who cared.
Always worried about how she looked in the eyes of another.
Constantly wishing to have flawless skin; to be petite and slim.
The question was why?
Why was she so worried about her appearance?
The truth was evident to everyone but her.
Society was corrupting her mind.
The monster that man made was eating the inside of her mind.
Controlling her thoughts, commanding her to act a certain way,
Turning her into the monster they wanted her to be.
Slowly she adapted to the change and became the girl they wanted to see.
Smiling, although her mind was caged.
Yet she hadn’t become a somebody,
The somebody was trapped underneath her skin, waiting to be unmasked.
She was deceived by society.
She had become the monster,
Responsible for sacrificing the person she used to be.


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