Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Call Never Came

The phone call that never came,
ring already goddamit,
engrossed in silence,
I wish my neighbour would put that mutt out it’s misery,
causing me to reach for the bottle,
sat alone without fear,
I had already met and disposed of her,
lungs fill with black poison,
cant exhale,
already dead,
dead certain the phone call will come,
you abandoned me mother,
bring me home with open arms,
this shady room cold,
a mothers voice to make a young man calm,
I wept but once,
when contemplating ridding problems of me,
not worthy of problems,
a man needs solitude,
not without love,
I turn to those taught to ignore,
death; appetising,
welcome me back like good fortune,
this all of me that is left,
can’t sleep,
footsteps close in,
shadow under door,
this shady room I perceive,
take me home,
drag me even,
the phone call that never came.

Can I forgive?

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