Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentine's Day

All day today, all over the country men and women scurried around attempting to keep from being red faced today morning when someone they love awakens expecting to have been remembered and is disappointed they weren’t on Valentine’s Day. Yet another group will really be doing the soft shoe because they forget to take care of Valentine’s Day and they try to deceive someone who knows them well into believing otherwise Idiots (Yes, I have been that idiot).

Here is my proposed solution for Valentine’s Day and an end to all the scurrying and anxiety the day tends to bring so many, especially men. Of course I know this well as one who asserted he could leap tall buildings with a single bound, though he seldom cleared so much as a dog house effectively without crashing relationally over the course of two marriages. Why not act as if EVERY day is Valentine’s Day? What if with intentionality, I get out of myself and show those closest to me EACH day though acts of love great and small how much they are loved?

Don’t get me wrong. I am confident actual Valentine’s Day cards will be still be well received. Special tokens appreciated and the invitation to dress up and go out looking like the BOMB on Valentine’s Day a treat that will be warmly welcomed. However, if I am making an intentional point of expressing the love I have to those closest to me daily, isn’t the likelihood I am going to forget Valentine’s Day greatly lessened? Aren’t I much less likely to foolishly and selfishly try to deceive an individual I love into believing the card or gift is “at the office” if I make a regular practice of asking myself, what is something unexpected I could get home with this evening that demonstrate how fortunate I feel to have this person in my life today (or persons in the case of those with kids still at home)?

Unrealistic? I don’t think so when the concept of expressing love is viewed through the lens of the eyes of another. And, candidly, for years there has been the rub. I only cared about viewing the world through one set of eyes – MINE! Wow. What I missed is now incalculable. Much of it gone. Impossible to retrieve.

Learn from the mistake of another – treat every day like Valentine’s Day. See if it does not have an impact, a very positive impact, on how much joy there is in your world. Or, expect more of the same lame crap to magically produce some new result (it will not by the way). Choice is yours. And, in phase 3, mine.

To wise choices and a world where every day provides some evidence to those I love they are my Valentine!


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