Sunday, 8 February 2015


The countdown begins, one week until Valentine’s Day. For those lovebirds out there, here is another day to tell your other half you love them. The question is do you need a holiday to tell him or her that you love them.

I am not saying that I am anti-Valentine’s Day by any means. I personally love Valentine’s Day, single or not. Since I was little I remember looking forward to conversation hearts, cinnamon hearts and giving little cards to my friends.

I believe that Valentine’s Day is a day to remind us to tell our other half that we love them. It is the time to tell them you love them and not just on Valentine’s Day. It is a day to tell family and friends alike that you love them and everything they do for you.

I have learned that there is no day but today to tell someone that you love them. Based on experience I know that its important to take opportunities when see fit, because opportunities can pass you by.

This Valentine’s Day show your love ones that you love them. Whether it is giving them a card, a conservation heart, or even just a hug. I can tell you that I have purchased my valentines, made reservations for dinner and picked out the perfect dress- red and fabulous obviously.

That means that the answer to do you need a holiday to tell someone you love them, is no. Though it never hurts to have a special day to celebrate those feelings. So not just Valentine’s Day but everyday, cherish the moments you have in life.


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