Saturday, 14 February 2015

What Do Love Mean

I am in love. Sure this sounds like the greatest gift anyone could have, but currently for me it’s not. Love makes me question myself, if I am strong or weak. I believe I am both most of the time, but what does it say about my character? What I want to know is, why love if we were all so happy without knowing what “love” even means?

As kids, most of us said “I love you” to our parents because they said they love us. It was mutual and as we grew up, we knew that we couldn’t live without them so we love them even more. Your parents will always be there, even if they have passed or you don’t know them. They created you. This love was born when you were. It didn’t find you, or you it. It was there because of your existence. And most of us were happy with it being that way. We were oblivious kids, but it was almost better that way.

I’ve been in love with same girl for 3 years. This is not much time in the amount of years I have lived, but it is a significant amount to me. Time. Time has been the theme of my life for 3 years. And what virtually comes with time is patience.

Patience; An ability or willingness tosuppress restlessness or annoyancewhen confronted with delay. I think patience is one of the greatest qualities a person can have. It takes a lot of strength. Love comes with the expectation of patience. I have lingered for the heart of someone else, who wasn’t ready for it. Was it worth it? I haven’t found the answer to that yet, but I know that someday it will feel worth it to me. I will receive something from it. I can’t see it now because I’m still being patient, but I will see it someday.

Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.


If I were to give someone advice about love, I would say yes. Yes to all of the factors that love brings. It will teach you things you never knew before, It will open your heart to be trustworthy, it will put your strength and compromise to the test, it will take you to limits you never thought you’d reach. Love will show you what you want out of life. Now when I talk about love, I don’t mean a specific person necessarily. You can love something that’s not human and gives you everything. You can love a rock by the water because when you’re sitting there on that rock, it is giving back to you by opening your mind to possibility, freeing your heart and body.

So, LOVE. Love for the possible heartbreak, the lessons learned, the strength and weakness, the loneliness, compassion, fulfillment. Life is too short to be scared of love. Go for it. I will feel love and heartache, but it somehow completes me, and the emptiness I feel. I know that I feel love and if I were to die tomorrow, that person would know and I’d leave life complete. But don’t live as though you’re going to die tomorrow, you’ll find yourself to being too cautious. You will appreciate many of life’s great qualities living this way, but you won’t take risks and life will look sad. Live like you have many many many years to enjoy it. Take the time to be sad, happy, lost, found. It will all be worth it.


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