Tuesday, 3 February 2015

With Every Sip

On every day while having morning coffee and reading newspaper just in hope to see something that can make us feel proud over our humanity but alas we, yet, not eligible for the same. The newspaper oftenly supressed with the superincumbent loads of multiple terror attackes across world and the deaths of lacs of our  kinds, may be our neighbours which often had querells with us but celebrated different festivals with us too, our siblings and the innocent ones whose face's smile is enough to get out of fatigue and those who don't know even what terror and terrorists are and they prefer them Papa when seeing them in newspaper or on tv. Peshawar massacre is not the only case. It happened in all the countries because one terrorist dwells within us, that posses more power and savagians. Need is to remove them otherwise they will make humanity extinct soon.
          Weapons can not put an end to terror, what needed is perception revolution. By portraying worst picture of terrorist   in our primary books till the M.Phill. By mentioning the harms terrorist did over last few decades. By inculcating a sense of internationalism. By developing love for others religions, rituals and customs. 
         Kailash Satyarthi is very right while saying, "if the world give rest to their weapons for 6 months, worlds all the child would have proper education".

Abhijeet Pandey

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