Thursday, 12 February 2015


You hate society’s unfair formation
But criticize me with its expectations
Chained by society like a slave
But hurt other slaves who don’t obey
You call someone an attention seeker
To gain attention from your believer
Compassion and love is your bread and butter
But when I make mistakes the food expires

You thought I became insane
Because I made some dumb mistakes
You couldn’t comprehend
That you’d do the same in my circumstance

You believe everything my critics say
Might as well believe santa isn’t actually fake
You talk about my filthy past
You should teach a history class
You hurt me every single day
Even weekends and the holidays
But all the bystanders away they strode
That’s why the chicken crossed the road

Maybe one day you will stop this madness
But I guess you’re too cool for kindness
Too much hate for your reputation
I hate this game and this generation

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