Monday, 23 March 2015

Broken Mirror

Every time I open up my mouth,
to speak a waste of breath.
The air around me getting cold,
I’m like a corpse ignoring death.
Still gathering the tears that well,
up within me from endless depths.
Beginning soon that’s ending,
seems I’ve failed again,
I get an “F”.

Sleeping though I’m wide awake,
I hesitate think someone’s
No one looks my way,
the basic model,
and I don’t come with options.
Visible when people rarely need
me then I slip from optics.
This is how I always feel,
I talk but still you’re not

Melody of endless drops of rain,
it serenades my brain.
Then hypnotizes window panes,
that open not an ounce of shame.
Been floating aimlessly,
while drifting people ’round,
but still I’m drowning.
No one answers timeless silence,
quietly I vanish loud screams.

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